05. - 07. April 2019

Radha ~ Discovering the path of devotion

Women’s Temple with Lifedancing

 Carina-Maria Möller Caur & Yashodhara van Vilsteren & Team

in Gut Helmeringen, D-89415 Germany

© Carina-Maria Möller-Caur
© Carina-Maria Möller-Caur

Diving right into the sweetness of nothing held back love.

Let you heart explode with devotion. It´s time to connect with Radha!


When spirituality tends to be self-centered and lukewarm, Radha´s medicine brings us into devotion.  She is gently guiding us through resistance and pain right into truth and love. She is bridging worldly, “sticky love” with universal, unconditional love, and even though she is humble, she is not holding anything back.

She is teaching us that when we give it all, we get it all and she encourages us to go all in, no matter what. 

Temple practices, mantra singing, silent sitting and Lifedancing guides you right into the beauty of devotion.

During this weekend we will dive deeply into temple practices and Lifedancing:

© Carina-Maria Möller-Caur

- Respectful touch: give and receive healing touch

- Lifedancing: enter the knowing body that holds, contains and     moves it all.

- Dialogue practices, Goddess yoga and sharing circles

- Devotional singing: a sacred portal into the Divine

- Silent meditation: connect and integrate awareness with spacious presence


In Temple inspired by Awakening Women, we consciously create a new women's culture where we celebrate, strengthen, nourish and welcome each other in all its facets. We use respectful touch and dance and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each woman. This all fills up our well. Fulfilled, nourished and with clarity we can meet the world with joy and true miracles happen though our being and doing.


Carina-Maria Moeller Caur is the founder and director of Lifedancing. 

She lives and teaches in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she offers Lifedancing classes on a weekly basis as well as a one-year teachers training program. 

She is mother of two and stepmother of two children. www.lifedancing.se


Yashodhara, originally from Holland, lives near Munich and has been practicing with Chameli and  Awakening Women since 2005. She has participated and assisted in many AWI seminars. Yashodhara was the team leader of all German temple group trainings when Chameli taught them. For 12 years she has been facilitating women’s temple evenings, days and weekends. Read more

  •          Date:  April 5. - 7. 2019, Friday 5 pm till Sunday 5 pm 
  •          Place: Gut Helmeringen, 89415 Lauingen: www.gut-helmeringen.de 
  •          Regular cost: 280 € 
  •          Early bird cost: 230 €  - registration and payment before February 14, 2019  
  •          Lodging including food: 60 € - 92 € / day
  •          Registration: here 

"“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi