09. - 11. Oktober 2020 ~ in Dinkelscherben

Tempelwochenende mit Lifedancing

mit Carina-Maria Möller & Yashodhara bei München

"RIDING THE TIGER" ~ Women's Temple & Lifedancing 


Dear Sister…


Welcome to the world of hindu goddess Durga.

Let her radiant heart connect you with fierce love.

Let her incredible power inspire you into relaxed authority.

Let her guide you into soft presence in your sexual center.

And let her teach you how to ride the tiger …

to consciously ride, manage and direct energy.

During this weekend we will dive deeply into temple practices and Lifedancing. Lifedancing is a free dance and movement practice inviting you to connect with the dancer within.

What to expect

  • Respectful touch: give and receive healing touch
  • Lifedancing: conscious dance and movement - enter into the knowing body that holds and contains it all.
  • Dialogue practices and sharing circles: express yourself, listen and learn.
  • Devotional singing: a sacred portal into the energy of the heart - embodied, unconditional love.
  • Silent meditation: connect and integrate awareness with spacious presence.

In Temple inspired by Awakening Women, we consciously create a new women's culture where we celebrate, strengthen, nourish and welcome each other in all its facets. We use respectful touch and dance and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each woman. This all fills up our well. Fulfilled, nourished and with clarity we can meet the world with joy and true miracles happen though our being and doing.

Carina-Maria Moeller Caur

Lifedancing Teacher

Carina-Maria Moeller Caur is the founder and director of Lifedancing. 

She lives and teaches in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she offers  Lifedancing classes on a weekly basis as well as a one-year teachers training program. She is mother of two and stepmother of two children.

Yashodhara van Vilsteren

Awakening Women Temple Teacher

Yashodhara, Niederländerin, ist durch die Liebe nach München gekommen und hat dort 2005 Chameli Ardagh und ihr Awakening Women Institute kennen gelernt. In ihr fand sie eine Frau, die weibliche Spiritualität erforscht und auch verkörpert. Yashodhara hat seither an fast allen ihrer Seminare teilgenommen, hat assistiert und war langjährige Teamleiterin bei allen deutschen Tempelgruppentrainings.

Practical Information

  • DATE: 09 – 11 October 2020, Friday 7 pm till Sunday 4 pm
  • PLACE: Hof Integra, 86424 Dinkelscherben: www.hofintegra.de
  • REGULAR COST: 295 €
  • EARLY BIRD COST: 250 €, registration and payment before 10. August 2020
  • LODGING INCLUDING FOOD: 65 € - 80 € / day